42 market research “Our reporter in” article for the EphMRA June 2012 newsletter

Dubai, 15th July 2012: The “Our Reporter In” section of the EphMRA newsletter provides the inside track on healthcare market research in countries of interest to the industry – from what to remember when researching that market, to the prevailing trends affecting it, to the predictions for its future.

For the June 2012 issue of the EphMRA newsletter, Stuart Crocker, Managing Director of 42 market research, wrote an article on the UAE – which is home to the headquarters of its global operations – to provide an insight into the market, why the company is based here and why the majority of its work still remains elsewhere in the world.

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About 42 market research

42 market research is an independent, internationally active, full-service market research provider for the healthcare industry. Physicians, dentists, pharmacists, opticians, technicians, nurses and other healthcare-related professionals are interviewed in all major markets around the world concerning their experiences and opinions towards any health-related subject. The customers of 42 market research include pharmaceutical companies, other market research agencies, biotechnical companies, medical device manufacturers, health ministries and other businesses and organizations from within the healthcare sector. For further information, please visit www.42mr.com.

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