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Why us

42 market research is your ideal partner for healthcare online market research, because:

  • We deliver some of the highest maximum sample sizes in the industry
  • We interview all healthcare-related professionals
  • We cover all the relevant markets worldwide
  • All our panels are built in-house with the highest quality standards
  • All online market research services are done by us - no use of subcontractors
  • All market research analysts are native speakers, each with excellent understanding of the local markets
  • We reach key decision makers directly
  • We offer maximum flexibility for respondents completing our surveys
  • We provide real-time access to results, allowing instantaneous analysis
  • We are well-known amongst healthcare professionals with a high loyalty rate
  • We are fast, accurate, efficient and reliable

42 market research has specialised solely in healthcare online market research since February 2002 and remains one of the pioneers and most experienced companies in online market research.