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EphMRA Associate MemberEphMRA Associate Member


42 market research strongly believes that in order to deliver the highest quality market research, it is imperative that only the most qualified people work on your projects:

  • 100% of our team have an academic degree
  • All members of the project teams have experience in market research and healthcare
  • Only native speakers used for the markets that we operate in
  • Our team spirit is dynamic, multicultural, global, business orientated, professional, young, international, inspirational, visionary

42 market research is managed by:

 Stuart Crocker

Stuart Crocker
Managing Director

  • Responsible for Strategy, Finance and Business Development
  • Degree in Civil Engineering
  • 19 years experience in healthcare industry, specifically market research
  • Member of the Pharmaceutical Market Research Group (PMRG)
 Karen Olshanskiy Karen Olshanskiy
Market Research Manager

  • Responsible for Operations; Customer Relationship Development and New Business Support
  • Degree in Economics