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Online Focus Groups

42 market research uses the latest technology in Online Focus Groups, allowing respondents to participate in the same focus group regardless of where they are located.

42 market research offers full-service Online Focus Groups, including:

  • Design and Conception
  • Recruitment of Respondents
  • Experienced Moderators
  • Utilisation of the Latest Technology
  • Presentation of Results

Online Focus Groups have many benefits over traditional focus groups, such as:

  • Respondents can participate from locations all around the world
  • Participation of respondents that do not normally participate due to time restrictions
  • Costs are minimised - no costs for centralised locations, hotels, travel expenses
  • Respondents do not need any additional hardware apart from a PC to participate
  • Sessions can be mediated to ensure no one respondent "controls" the group
  • Easy integration of multimedia content, such as videos, slides etc.
  • Clients can easily watch the online focus group, live from any PC in the world

For a more detailed overview on our Online Focus Group services please click here.