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Every online survey, focus group or monitor that is undertaken by 42 market research is put through rigorous internal quality controls at every stage of the project. The following list, which is by no means exhaustive, outlines some of the processes used by us to ensure that genuine participants provide our customers with high quality results:

  • Cross-verification: Healthcare professionals are only added to panels after completion of cross-verifications against multiple official sources
  • Pre-screening: Verified healthcare professionals are invited to the pre-screening process which allows for further checks to be undertaken
  • Immediate checks: All results are checked immediately for completeness and plausibility
  • Post-questionnaire verifications: Random post questionnaire verification undertaken on all data received
  • Secure servers: All panels and projects are kept on remote, secured and password encrypted servers in data centres with disaster protection
  • Regular data back-ups: All data is backed up twice daily to further minimise risks of data corruption
  • Strict confidentiality policies: Healthcare professionals contact details are never released or sold to any third parties under any circumstances

42 market research is constantly improving the quality control measures and processes to avoid any instance of fraudulent participations.